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We have a talented team of design engineers with extensive Solidworks experience, including certifications to both the Professional and Expert level. We have 4 licensed seats of Solidworks. Within this CAD environment we can import models such as STEP and IGIS so that your components can be incorporated when designing the kitting media. Acres engage with current design methodologies and techniques, such as DFX (Design for Excelence).

DFX techniques are part of detail design and are ideal approaches to improve life-cycle cost, quality, increased design flexibility, and increased efficiency and productivity using the concurrent design concepts.

The DFX family is one of the most effective approaches to implement concurrent engineering. DFX focuses on vital business elements of concurrent engineering, maximising the use of the limited resources available to the DFSS team.

DFX tools include:

  • Design for Manufacture and Assembly;
  • Design for Reliability;
  • Design for Maintainability;
  • Design for Serviceability;
  • Design for the Environment;
  • Design for Life Cycle Cost;

The Design for Manufacture and Assembly (DFMA) approach produces a considerable reduction in parts, resulting in simple and more reliable design with less assembly and lower manufacturing costs.  Design for Reliability (DFR) enables the DFSS team to gain insight into how and why a proposed design may fail and identifies aspects of design that may need to be improved. When the reliability issues are addressed at early stages of DFSS, project cycle time will be reduced.  A simplified product can be achieved through the sequential application of DFMA followed by Design for Serviceability (DFS), which is the ability to diagnose, remove, replace, replenish, or repair any component or subassembly, to original specifications, with relative ease.

Another DFX family member is Design for Maintainability. The objective of Design for Maintainability is to ensure that the design will perform satisfactorily throughout its intended life with a minimum expenditure of budget and effort. Design for Maintainability, DFS, and DFR are related because minimising maintenance and facilitating service can be achieved by improving reliability.

Meet The Team

Meet our design team

Alejandro De Castro

Alejandro joined us in 2018 with a wealth of experience in Design, having studied Industrial Design and Product Development engineering in Malaga (Spain), completing the course with a postgraduate in Mechanical Design for Manufacturing. He holds the mechanical design expert certification and four of the professional (sheet metal, weldments, drawings and surfacing) with Solidworks. With four years of experience, Alejandro has worked on developing a number of complex projects including heavy duty machines and touchscreen devices.Email Alejandro

Jordan Carmichael

Jordan joins us as the most recent member of our design team with a background in Product Design and Development Engineering and over 6 years industry experience as both a Product and Engineering designer. Jordan has a wealth of experience in Solidworks having been using the software regularly for over 12 years acquiring the CSWA, CSWP and CSWP Advanced Weldments qualifications and completed the training for the FEA simulation package. With a love of problem solving and design Jordan will help to further strengthen the Acres design team.Email Jordan

Joseph Asher

Joe has recently completed his apprenticeship after 4 years of training at Toyota, picking up a level 2 in mechatronics and a level 3 in product design and development. During the course of his training, Joe was exposed to and learned a wide range of skills and knowledge in fabrication and welding, machining, assembly, powder coating, electrics, hydraulics, pneumatics, PLC’s and solidworks CAD design. After three years on the shopfloor, Joe moved to the commercial design office in 2019 learning the sales and design side of the business. It is with this experience that Joe has great knowledge of all areas of the business. In 2020 Joe plans to undertake more Solidworks training, courses and obtain qualifications.
Email Joe

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Recent Solutions

Gangway Stillage

The gangway stillages ensure that the gangway ends are transported and stored in a safe and secure solution, minimising the chance of the parts getting damaged.

There are four main points of contact between the gangway ends and the stillage. These feature plastic supports so that the gangway is protected.

The weight of these stillages when empty is 330kg and when full it is 720kg. Acres give the stillage a safe working load of 800kg.

Acres Engineering Cooling Cabinet, photographed with two team members and Acres Creative Engineered banners either side.

Cooling Cabinet

Intended to slow down the process of cooling engine fan blades, preventing the fracturing that can occur to the blades if cooled too quickly.

The cabinet is designed to be opened pneumatically, with a solenoid valve and wire rope assembly pulling the door along two slides, providing easy and safe access to the fan blades and turntable inside.

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