Kitting Module Trolley

Drawing Number: AD-312-2013-11


The Kitting Module Trolley has been designed for a major international OEM client within the aerospace sector to store the customer’s required parts before they are sent to their build line. This solution is much more secure and eliminates the need for expensive vacuum packed cardboard packaging.

Each module features 5 off extendable drawers which hold plastic trays with foam inserts. The inserts have CNC machined cut outs to house the parts. This reduces the risk of metal to metal contact of the parts.

The units have 2 off doors which open back flat against the sides and are fitted with mild steel outer panels to protect the part within. The modules have been designed with viewing panels on all sides so the parts can be easily identifiable.

The module has multiple options for easy manoeuvrability. It is assembled with 200mm diameter castors, 2 off fixed and 2 off swivel with total lock brakes. Attached to the side is a handle which can be used for pulling by hand or attached to a fork truck. Finally the unit is fitted with fork pockets in the base.

The assembly has been powder coated in blue BS 4800 20-D-45 to provide a hard wearing durable finish.

Approximate overall size – 1604mm (H) x 1200mm (W) x 1200mm (D)

Acres Reference- AD312-2013-11



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