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We are passionate about the aerospace industry. An industry that manufactures components and products allowing people to travel the globe and experience wonderful things. Acres enables aerospace companies to manufacture and deliver their components in a safe and efficient way.


You too can benefit from working with Acres, a supplier focussed on value-add and continual improvement. We understand the speed in which the industry moves and the key drivers.

Key Drivers

Key Drivers

Acres’ offering to the aerospace industry aims to take time out of manufacturing processes and prevent parts from becoming damaged or lost.

This can be anything from kitting media to delivering the exact number of components from a logistics sequencing centre to a production build line; all the way to semi-automated product for carrying out specific operations, which are provided with a certificate of conformance (commonly referred to as a CE certificate). We specialise in the design and fabrication of equipment that is used in the manufacturing process, such as stillages, trolleys, access platforms, workbenches.

  • The quality and care of components is critical. icon

    The quality and care of components is critical.

  • Safety & FOD control is paramount. icon

    Safety & FOD control is paramount.

  • Team member engagement is key to project success. icon

    Team member engagement is key to project success.



We understand the speed in which the industry moves and some of the key drivers like safety, efficiency, quality and FOD (foreign object debris) control.

Acres lean engineering experience fits well within the aerospace environment, focusing on value-add and continual improvement. The products Acres deliver are in use across the UK’s leading aerospace manufacturing companies, improving productivity and safety of production processes, enabling them to achieve the best possible outcomes. This is further consolidated on a global basis through networking events and memberships with for example the Midlands Aerospace Alliance..

  • World class product design. icon

    World class product design.

  • Kitting media, build stands, jigs & fixtures icon

    Kitting media, build stands, jigs & fixtures

  • Multi-sector solutions icon

    Multi-sector solutions

Expert Insight

Q&A with Chris Summers, Director at Chromalloy UK.

Q&A with Chris Summers, Director at Chromalloy UK

Chromalloy is trusted worldwide to provide manufacturing and repair services for gas turbine engine manufacturers and operators.

Tell us about yourself - Who is Chris? When you aren’t working, what do you like to do to relax?
I am a real family man, I love spending time with my family and my grandchildren. I have 3 grown up children and 4 beautiful grandchildren. When not with them me and my wife and me love to travel in our new motor home. So far we haven’t done many miles but it is amazing.
What has been your biggest achievement that you are proud of?

My biggest achievement is my children, my girls are all brilliant. One is a GP, studied at Cambridge, 1 is a hairdresser and beautician and my youngest is a teacher. Marrying my wife must come close though…better say that!
When was your first introduction to the Aerospace industry and why did you choose to work in the Aerospace industry? What drew you towards it?
I worked at Toyota and loved the culture and the work ethic there and when I had an opportunity to further my career I really believed that I could take the Toyota principles and apply them to aerospace to make a real difference.
Why the quality of equipment used in the Aerospace is so important?
The quality of the product cannot be more important in any other Manufacturing process than that of aerospace. When you are making parts for an engine that keep you 30,000 feet in the air, there cannot be any compromise in quality or compliance.
What are you most passionate about Aerospace?
I love the fact that I have been part of a huge operation to create something that can transport so many people all over the world. I get excited about new materials, new processes and new engineering challenges and would like to think that I have been an integral part of this.
What do you see as the immediate priorities for the industry are there any challenges that the Aerospace industry faces?
Well yes, the industry is facing the biggest challenge it had ever seen. Covid-19 had affected air travel more than 9 -11 and we are seeing the impact of this already. The effects of the pandemic will be felt for some time and it is now the responsibility of the industry to reignite consumer confidence and for manufacturers and champions like me to spread the word.

Our Aerospace History

Situated near the Rolls-Royce plant in Derby, Acres relationship began in the 1970’s.

The relationship has enabled Acres to grow in both understanding of the industry and the wide variety of support products needed to produce finished aero engines. By their nature, aero engines require a high level of safety; and the adherence to policies and procedures is paramount to deliver world class products. The UK aerospace sector is the second largest in Europe, and third largest globally. Capable of delivering whole-aircraft capability, the UK has expertise in aerostructures, propulsion, systems, aircraft interiors and through-life services. We have a history of supporting other global aerospace clients such as GE.

  • Our origins with Rolls-Royce icon

    Our origins with Rolls-Royce

  • Aerospace & Acres DNA icon

    Aerospace & Acres DNA

  • Continual Improvement icon

    Continual Improvement

Case Study - Develop a bespoke steel cabinet from pre-determined performance criteria to provide a secure and controlled environment for castings of delicate aerospace engine parts.

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