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As a sector that produces critical components and technologies enabling global security and safeguarding, we are deeply committed to supplying the Defence industry with robust solutions.


Unlock potential to advance with Acres Engineering! We’re dedicated to serving the Defence Industry with excellence, innovation and precision.



Key Drivers

Key Drivers

Acres Engineering is your trustworthy supplier. We understand the importance of components which are used during combat.

In the Defence industry, missions are highly intricate, requiring flawless performance from equipment. Even a minor malfunction can trigger significant delays and setbacks, underscoring the critical importance of reliability.

Acres are committed to the advancement of Defence sector by delivering products that optimise performance, ensure safety and guarantee quality. We specialise in the design and manufacture of equipment such as stillages, trolleys, access platforms, workbenches and kitting media.

  • The quality and care of components is critical. icon

    The quality and care of components is critical.

  • Safety & FOD control is paramount icon

    Safety & FOD control is paramount

  • Robust, fit-for-purpose, designed to last. icon

    Robust, fit-for-purpose, designed to last.

Tank manufacture


We harness our knowledge, experience and belief in continual improvement to offer a complete service that stands apart from other companies of our nature.

With a focus on quality and safety with all our solutions, Acres Engineering makes for a perfect supplier to the Defence industry. We are committed to the seamless integration of lean manufacturing methodologies, fostering optimal results for businesses. Our approach capitalizes our extensive understanding, contributing to a significant growth and evolution of prominent industry leaders.

  • Delivered on time. icon

    Delivered on time.

  • World class product design. icon

    World class product design.

  • Improving flow. icon

    Improving flow.


The UK's Space History

In the air, the Royal Air Force was unmatched. At sea, the Royal Navy was unmatched. On land, the Army was unbeatable.

The UK’s Defence history is marked by significant milestones, including the establishment of the Royal Navy in 1546 and the Royal Air Force in 1918. In the 20th Century, the UK played pivotal roles in WW1 and WW2. On April 4th, 1949 the United Kingdom joined NATO when the North Atlantic Treaty was signed in Washington, D.C. Currently. The UK’S Defence sector has been actively engaged in modernizing and adapting to meet evolving security challenges.

  • Multi-sector solutions. icon

    Multi-sector solutions.

  • Team member engagement is key to project success. icon

    Team member engagement is key to project success.

  • Continual improvement. icon

    Continual improvement.

NATO Conference

Major Players

Major Players

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