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Acres Tool Chest

The Acres Tool chest has been Designed, Manufactured and Powder Coated in house.

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Frame for Whiteboards

Frame for Whiteboards The Frame for Whiteboards has been designed and manufactured for a Midlands based Aerospace OEM to mount whiteboards which will improve visibility. The frame is thin-walled to ensure the final product is lightweight and easy to move. A whiteboard…

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ASRS Automatic Loading Trolley Mk2 Prototype

ASRS Automatic Loading Trolley – REF Number: 2017-02-13370/7912 This ASRS Automatic Loading Trolley design is a variant of the solution produced for a new Acres client. The client, a large west midlands based Automotive OEM required a tow trolley solution…

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Manual Infeed Station

Manual Infeed Station The Manual Infeed Station has been designed and manufactured for a west midlands based automotive client. The Manual Infeed Station is similar to the Tray Return Station and has been designed to integrate into an existing ASRS (Automated Storage and…

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ASRS Automatic Loading Trolleys

REF Number: 2016-05-12635/7651-A The ASRS Automatic Loading Trolleys have been designed for a new Acres client. The client, a west midlands based Automotive OEM required a tow trolley solution to support the integration of two Automatic Storage and Retrieval Systems (ASRS) at their Solihull and Castle…

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2013-09-10256 – Panel Trolley for 08 Buildpack

Panel Trolley for 08 Buildpack Design. The trolley is based around a 1.5mm A Frame base, weld mesh back and solid sides. The weld-mesh on the back is re-enforced with flat (used as braces) so that hook brackets can be…

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AD-233-2013-08 – XWB-97K Backup Pallet

Trent XWB Storage Pallet Design. This pallet is designed specifically to suit machine tools. It consists of ID labels and tool trays. The base of the pallet features a turntable ring allowing the top section to rotate 180 degrees. To lock it…

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AD-55-2013-01 – T700 Vane Transportation Trolley

T700 Vane Transportation Trolley Design Manufactured frame from 40mm angle with a 6mm plastic box. Internal dimension of each component slot: 200mm (L) x 45mm (W). Assembled with 160mm rubber castors (2 off fixed, 2 off swivel with brake). Approx. size…

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2013-07-10152 – PTFE Parts Plate

The plate will sit under the large engine parts preventing metal to metal contact with the oven and trolley roller beds. It will be manufactured from 12mm PTFE to withstand temperatures up to 220 degrees C. Due to its size…

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AD-178-2013-06 – Foam Tray Cut with Tool Profiles

Manufacture profiled foam inlay for tool storage container. The foam inlay will securely hold the grinding wheel, locating spindle, polishing stick and spanner. The main body of the tray will be black and the backing will be red. When the tooling is missing this…

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