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PFM Tray Racks

Design and Manufacture of PMF Tray Racks

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Manufacture Tray Trolleys

This design features 9 off pairs of angle ‘runners’ for trays and a lockable weldmesh door with robust infill panels.

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Assembly Inspection Bench

A bespoke Acres Assembly Inspection Bench designed to suit many styles of working

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Cleaning Trolley

The Cleaning Trolley consists of a 30 x 30 SHS frame with a sheet steel infill back and base panels. The rear panel features a perforated panel with locations for a series of hooks to secure items into place.

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Tooling Body Cradle

This Tooling Body Cradle is designed with a base famed manufactured from 100mm x 100mm for the outer beams and with added support bars fixed at 200mm x 100mm. Located on 4 areas of the Cradle are 4 locators which…

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Circular Assembly Tables

The new surface developed by Acres serves as an all-around multi-purpose use both in and out of the manufacturing sector. This diverse piece of equipment stands at an overall height of 800mm and is made using a variety of materials…

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Turnover Frame

The turnover frame is designed to hold and manipulated turnover adaptors, designed to suit specific aero components

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Fixture Cabinet

The Fixture Cabinet has been designed and manufactured to store 6 off plastic fixtures. This unique one of a kind design features 3 off drawers, a top draw of 310mm deep for the Nylon circular parts and two 100mm deep…

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IBR FOD Reducing Rack

A new robust rack designed exclusively by Acres for ITP company logo, designed to be accessible, rigid and strong.

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