Non-Conformance Trolley

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A non-conformance trolley is a specialised trolley used in manufacturing and quality control environments to handle items that do not meet specified standards or requirements. These items are identified as non-conforming and need to be segregated from conforming products to avoid quality issues or contamination. The trolley serves several purposes:

  1. Segregation: It separates non-conforming items from those that meet quality standards, preventing any mix-up.
  2. Transportation: It provides a convenient way to transport non-conforming items to the appropriate area for further inspection, rework, or disposal.
  3. Identification: Non-conformance trolleys are often clearly labeled and may include bins or compartments to categorise different types of non-conforming items.
  4. Documentation: These trolleys may include spaces for attaching documentation or tags that specify the nature of the non-conformance, date, responsible person, and any other relevant information.

By using a non-conformance trolley, companies can streamline their quality control processes, ensuring that non-conforming items are managed efficiently and effectively.

Non Conformance Cage Non Conformance Cage

Project REF: 12470-P1 / AD-2462-2024-02-1

A Non-Conformance Trolley could also be referred to as:

  1. Rejects Trolley
  2. Defect Trolley
  3. NCR Trolley
  4. Quality Control Trolley
  5. Quarantine Trolley
  6. Non-Compliance Trolley
  7. Scrap Trolley
  8. Hold Area Trolley
  9. Rework Trolley
  10. Inspection Trolley
  11. Quality Segregation Cart

These alternative names emphasise different aspects of its use, such as handling rejects, defects, or items awaiting inspection or rework.


A non-conformance trolley can also be used for rework handling, scrap collection, inspection rounds, audit support, inventory segregation, temporary storage, material handling, training, project management, and sample collection. This versatility enhances efficiency and organisation in industrial and manufacturing settings.


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