Acres Engineering design and work to concepts for electrical systems.

There’s more to Acres than trolleys and racks!

Did you know that we manufacture custom semi-automated machines to resolve industry challenges?

At Acres we are passionate about improving the productivity of the UK Manufacturing sector – perhaps we could help improve the efficiency of your manufacturing process?
Do you have a requirement for custom semi-automated machine? Acres Engineering can engage in different ways and at different levels. Everything from machine design, manufacture and commission to process evaluation and improvement. We supply custom machines to many industries and take your project from concept to completion. Talk to us about your productivity improvement ideas…. we’d love to see how we can help. Together we can grow our world leading manufacturing sector.

Our Process

We take your project from concept to completion with the following process: circuit design, manifold design, electrical design, electrical assembly, equipment design, fabrication, assembly, testing, powder coating and delivery.

See some of our Finished machines and Battery changing equipment.


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