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Dynamic Kitting Trolley

This Dynamic Stillage has been designed for the safe and secure storage of automotive components and to securely transport around the build line. The stillage has been designed in a way that it is future proof with the configurable drawers.…

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Rotating Visual Kitting Media

The Visual Kitting Media-Rotating Stand. This universal product has been Designed and Manufactured for a number of clients in different sectors and utilised in a number of ways. The panels allow space for internal data tracking, and the cube can…

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Kitting Cage

Kitting Cage – REF 2017-09-14081 The Kitting Cage has been designed and manufactured for a Midlands based aerospace company for storage of small components inside boxes. The cages have been manufactured by a 30mm x 30mm angle framework with 50mm x…

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Freeze Dry Storage Area Racking

Freeze Dry Storage Area Racking – REF 2017-06-13811 The Freeze Dry Storage Area Racking has been designed for a major international client working in the nutrition sector. The racking will store tools for the freeze dry area whilst they are not being…

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BP49 Wardrobe

BP49 Wardrobe – REF 2017-04-13552 The BP49 Wardrobe has been designed and manufactured for a Midlands based aerospace company to fit un packaged items from the BP49 engine kit. This solution was required to maximise the use of space and reduce…

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Tray Trolleys (12 Trays)

Tray Trolleys  (12 Trays) – REF 2017-06-13752 The Tray Trolleys (12 Trays) have been manufactured for a subsidiary of a leading aerospace company who manufacture ceramic moulds. The trolleys have been fabricated from 25mm x 25mm box section and 25mm x…

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Refurbishment to Existing Media

Refurbishment to Existing Media: REF 2017-04-13563/7981 The Refurbishment to Existing Media has been completed for a west midlands based automotive client for their Castle Bromwich site. The customer had a number of existing trolleys that required some work to bring them back to the original…

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30048-22 – Mac Room Trolley

30048-22 – Mac Room Trolley – REF 2017-07-13988 The 30048-22 – Mac Room trolley has been manufactured for a supplier to the British manufacturing industry for use to store and transport Automotive components. This trolley is a variant of the…

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04-05 Module Kitting Transport Wardrobe

04-05 Module Kitting Transport Wardrobe – REF 2017-07-13836 The 04-05 Module Kitting Transport Wardrobe has been designed and manufactured for a local Aerospace OEM for transporting aerospace components to the build line. This kitting solution transports components in a non-metal to metal environment keeping them…

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Knockout Fixture Storage

Knockout Fixture Storage – REF 2017-06-13774 The Knockout Fixture Storage has been designed and manufactured for a Midlands based aerospace company for storage of knockout fixtures. The unit has been manufactured from 40mm x 40mm box section with a thin wall…

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