Lockable Cabinet Trolley


Do you need a secure storage solution to prevent parts from being removed without authorisation? Look no further! House your tools and equipment with a lockable Cabinet Trolley; protecting them from being damaged or misplaced.

Lockable Cabinet Trolley

The compact & maneuverable design allows you to store aside trolleys to maximize floor space. Operators given authorisation to access the inside of the cabinet can easily remove or return equipment to prevent them from grease, rust or collecting dust. Protected & supervised equipment will more likely perform better; increasing its longevity and avoiding being replaced. Featuring an ergonomic, tubular handle; operators can comfortably manoeuvre the Cabinet Trolley without causing themselves strain.

Lockable Cabinet Trolley

Are you interested in preventing expensive equipment from being damaged, lost or stolen? By utilising the lockable Cabinet Trolley you are creating an extra layer of security to store away tools and parts. Simply send us your enquiry below and a member of our team will be in touch.

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High Visibility Kitting Cabinet

Project REF: AD-1969-2021-06-2

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