Bespoke Panel Stillages


Is your current solution to transport painted components inefficient and expensive? Acres Engineering guarantees to provide you with an innovative solution to protect equipment and reduce costs.

Bespoke Panel Stillages.

Designed for a client in the Automotive Industry. The Bespoke Panel Stillages are a bespoke solution to store specific parts of a Supercar. The specification from the client was for the units to store primer-coated parts during transportation from France to the UK.

To prevent metal-to-metal contact, the Bespoke Panel Stillages use PU material to refrain components from damage and corrosion. Components can be securely fitted into the groove of each location point. A lower walk-through section has been designed within the centre of the stillages allowing operators to easily access components fitted further back.

Rear Panel Stillages Rear Panel Stillages

A PVC front hatchway is attached to provide operators with clear visibility of components. Fastened handles allow operators to easily detach the PVC door to gain access to the inside.

Whilst, the Bespoke Panel Stillages offer a greater level of protection to parts. The units eliminate the need for single-use cardboard to store components during transportation.

If your current solution is inefficient, it’s time to speak with us! Send your enquiry through below and our team will be intouch to support. Are you taking time to consider? Why not check out the Rear Support Trolley, designed to safely manoeuvre equipment in the production line.

Rear Support Trolley

Project REF: AD-2106-2022-02-3

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