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We work with businesses throughout the rail supplier chain from vehicle manufacturers to rail operators. Safety and functionality is absolutely critical. Acres help companies start projects in the right way to achieve maximum ROI.

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You too can benefit from working with Acres, a supplier focussed on value-add and continual improvement. We understand the speed in which the industry moves and the key drivers.

Key Drivers

Key Drivers

Rail manufacturers benefit from a supplier that delivers returnable packaging and stillaging ROI through intelligent design .

The rail industry has changed considerably in the UK in the last 10 years, and has an exciting future ahead of it with investment in infrastructure, technology and rail vehicles. Areas such as de-carbonisation, ticketing, mobility, digital and customer experience will be continually developing and evolving in the coming years. Harnessing technology and making these types of advancements drives change through products, services and processes. This is where Acres steps in. We understand that with change comes new requirements and new challenges. Our clients choose to work with us because we understand the key industry drivers such as safety, quality and return on investment (ROI). Whether you are looking to improve production efficiency, design a new product or need support with retro-fit bracketry, we’re your supplier.

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    Delivered on time - no project delays

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    Fit for purpose, safe and certified

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    Winning design and quality

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Acres specialise in kitting media and production support equipment aimed at driving quality, health and safety, and productivity improvements. 

Our expertise in design, fabrication, powder coat and mechanical-electrical assembly delivers world class products. Within the rail industry our products have typically been aimed at improving safety, productivity and efficiency. We’ve been involved in material and sub-assemblies flow, ensuring that parts are presented in an efficient and ergonomic way. We’ve also been involved in pieces of test equipment, bracketry and sub-contract fabrication. If you are looking for a supplier who is focussed on continual improvement, Acres is the supplier for you.

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    World class product design

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    Component handling, protection and presentation

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    Improving productivity performance

Expert Insight

Question and Answers with Rail Industry Insider Suly Correa, Project Contract Coordinator (Crossrail) at Bombardier Transportation.

Suly Correa- Project Contract Coordinator (Crossrail)

Bombardier Transportation is a leading rail engineering and manufacturing company, headquartered at the iconic Litchurch Lane facility in Derby.

Tell us about yourself- Who is Suly? When you aren’t working, what do you like to do to relax?
I am a Brazilian living in UK for over 15 years and proud mum of two amazing kids. In my spare time I love exercising, travelling, baking cakes and playing piano.
What has been your biggest achievement that you are proud of?
Becoming a mum is the biggest achievement of my life for sure and finishing my University degree while my kids were still babies was another big achievement that I am very proud of.
When was your first introduction to the Rail industry and why did you choose to work in the Rail industry? What drew you towards it?
My first experience on the Rail industry was when I joined London Underground back in 2007 where I worked as Customer Service Assistant and Control Room Assistant for nearly 7 years. After a 2 years break in Brazil and a change in my career I came back in UK and joined Bombardier in 2016 as a Project Buyer working in Procurement which I love.
Why is specification and safety so important in terms of the equipment used within the industry?
Specification provides clear instructions on the intent and performance of the equipment and the delivery of optimal specifications to supplier can reduce health and safety hazards.
What are you most passionate within Rail?
I love the history of the rail in UK and the important role it has played In many crucial times like WWI and the feeling that a train journey can take you back in time sometimes is amazing.
Have there been any new developments that you are excited about?
I am very excited for HS2 and the development it will bring to the North of the country and will for sure open up more business and employment opportunities to many.
What do you see as the immediate priorities for the industry are there any challenges that the Rail industry faces??
Modernisation of fleets and routes to accommodate the number of passengers however due to Covid the prospectus may change and the demand for new trains too so the industry must adapt to what is to come from now on.
How has the Rail industry been affected by Covid?
The Rail industry like any other has been very affected by Covid. The number of rail journey has been dramatically reduced during 2020 and number of Passengers using the system has declined to numbers never seems before therefore the revenue has declined and the economic impact is yet to be known.
What do you think the future looks like for the UK Rail industry and do you have any predictions of new equipment changes/ requirements in the years to come?
I do believe the UK Rail industry is becoming more and more modernised and to keep up with that train manufactures and suppliers must keep updated with any new technology also how the process impacts the environment.

Our History with the Rail Industry

Our journey with the rail industry began in around 2005 when we started to work with Bombardier.

Our journey with the rail industry began in 2005 when we started to work with Bombardier, a relationship we have continued to this day. Over the years we have provided Bombardier with arrange of products which include jigs to aid in the manufacturing process, stillages for the safe transport of products and various stands, kitting media, and access platforms. Over the years we have nurtured relationships with various companies within the rail industry including Serco and Knorr-Bremse many of whom we still work closely with today and are active members of the the Rail Forum.

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Case Study: To develop a methodology to store, transport and dispense electric and data cables for greatly improved handling and operational efficiencies.

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