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Conveyor Bridging System

Designed and Manufactured for our West Midlands based Automotive client.   The Conveyor Bridging System has been manufactured to allow access to an enclosed area. Stair sections feature folding top sections which can be moved out of the way of…

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Cleaning Trolley

The Cleaning Trolley consists of a 30 x 30 SHS frame with a sheet steel infill back and base panels. The rear panel features a perforated panel with locations for a series of hooks to secure items into place.

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Laser Welding Machine Ramp

Laser Welding Machine Ramp The Laser Welding Machine Ramp has been designed and manufactured for a Midlands based aerospace company. The ramp will provide a larger operator work area within the Laser Welding Machine booth. The base has been manufactured…

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Shadow Graph Machine Stand

Shadow Graph Machine Stand The Shadow Graph Machine Stand has been manufactured for a Midlands based Aerospace OEM to support a shadow graph machine and store 12″ diameter graticules. The framework has been manufactured from 40 x 40 steel box section and…

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Pallet Stacker Sleeves

Pallet Stacker Sleeves: REF: 2016-11-13140 The pallet stacker sleeves have been designed and manufactured for a large west midlands based automotive OEM. The pallet stacker sleeves are designed to guide and locate the forks on a pallet stacker during the…

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Makino Machine Operator Platform

Makino Machine Operator Platform: The Makino Operator Platform has been designed and manufactured for a local Aerospace OEM for use within the precision machining facility. The solution is similar to existing staging already on site at the precision machining facility however this piece of…

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CDS Platform

The CDS platform has been designed for a for a local Midlands client and will be used to provide access to new machinery within a new manufacture facility. The solution has been designed and manufactured from 40mm box section and clad on the top with a 30 x…

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Multifunctional Working Platform

Multifunctional Working Platform: The Multifunctional Working Platform has been designed for a major international engine build client within the aerospace sector. The solution allows access to the upper casing of turbine engines when providing ongoing flight-line engine maintenance. Scope of Work: Manufacture…

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Inspection Training Tool

Press Load Measuring Tool –  REF 2015-03-11549 The Press Load Measuring Tool has been designed to train TMUK staff before they are allowed to work on the shop floor. This inspection training has been designed to assess the strength the operators are…

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AD-212-2013-07 – Warehouse Steps

The Steps will be manufactured in accordance with BS EN 14122 from 40mm x 40mm box section for the base frame and handrail with 25mm x 25mm angle to support the fibreglass anti-slip grating. The handrails will be to the…

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