Fixed Step Ladder


One of our clients stepped forward requiring us to work on designing and manufacturing a piece of mobile access equipment for their stores area, this was aimed to upgrade on the current solution with a more long-lasting, robust and safe option.

The customer set out the constraints of the specification they required the ladder to have 4 steps and the platform level, whilst also maintaining a platform height of 1150mm. The important aspect of this was ensuring the overall height of the product did not exceed 1900mm so that our customer could wheel the steps in and out of the stores area through the doors as well as not exceeding a width of 580mm so that the system could be manoeuvred along the stores aisles.

As part of the design process, it was imperative that we considered details within the Access equipment regulations,  such as the change in height and depth of the steps both on the z and y axis but also ensure that the minimum handrail height was achieved from the top platform (1100mm). Having to maintain the platform height and 1100mm handrail height presented a problem with the full fixed solution as this would not be able to be transported through the doorway. To overcome this issue, we designed some telescopic handrails and tool tray so that they can be collapsed within the 1900mm door height limit but also raised to the 1100mm minimum standard handrail height when in use.

This solution comes on 2x Swivel with brake and 2x fixed castor wheels to ensure the operator has the best control when transporting the unit but also braked from the entry side of the ladder when in use. The entire framework is manufactured from heavy-duty box section to ensure a structurally sound and long-lasting product. Each step has an extended depth to provide safer and more secure footing when climbing up to the platform by riveting on tread plate covers over the box section also acting as an anti-slip. The top platform is surrounded by kick plates as well as the telescopic handrails for extra safety purposes and to prevent any chances of falling. Also included on the top platform is a framework to house a small fabricated plastic tooling and parts tray with 2x bridge handles fitted.

This project involved, design, fabrication, assembly and powder coat

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