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Acres Tool Chest

The Acres Tool chest has been Designed, Manufactured and Powder Coated in house.

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Bag Sealer Trolley

The bag sealer trolley has been designed and manufactured in house. The aim of the trolley is to support rolls of plastic wrapping material, a mount for the sealing unit, and a mid shelf for a kanban of spare rolls.…

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Conveyor Bridging System

Designed and Manufactured for our West Midlands based Automotive client.   The Conveyor Bridging System has been manufactured to allow access to an enclosed area. Stair sections feature folding top sections which can be moved out of the way of…

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Laser Welding Machine Ramp

Laser Welding Machine Ramp The Laser Welding Machine Ramp has been designed and manufactured for a Midlands based aerospace company. The ramp will provide a larger operator work area within the Laser Welding Machine booth. The base has been manufactured…

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C Class Trolley

C Class Trolley The C Class Trolley has been redesigned and manufactured for a Midlands based Aerospace OEM to hold euro boxes in conjunction with existing media. The framework has been manufactured from 25 x 25 steel box section and 40…

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Working Height Trolley

Working Height Trolley The Working Height Trolley has been designed and manufactured for a Midlands based Aerospace OEM to safely transport euro boxes to the inspection area. The frame has been fabricated from thin 25 x 25 steel box section and…

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Lathe Fixture Racking Trolley

Lathe Fixture Racking Trolley The Lathe Fixture Racking Trolley has been designed and manufactured for a subsidiary of a leading aerospace company to allow easy transport and storage of billets or tooling. This is a universal trolley which an be adapted for numerous…

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Large 6 Drawer Toolchest

Large 6 Drawer Toolchest The Large 6 Drawer Toolchest has been developed for a leading gas turbine engine provider. The tool kit has been designed to accompany gas turbine engines and provide all the tooling required to maintain the engine. This is a larger variation…

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GG Build Stand

GG Build Stand: The build stand was designed to hold and assist in the assembly of three different size rotors, featuring interchangeable centre plate locating sections to accommodate each rotor size. Universal stabilising arms with PTFE clamping blocks attached fit…

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Lifting Bar XPE 1304

Lifting Bar XPE 1304 Design The Lifting Bar is designed to handle XWB, T700, T900 engine parts for the wash process giving more versatility to the operators. The main support bar is manufactured from 30mm 304 stainless steel round with…

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