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NEW Health Station

Acres Engineering have Designed and Manufactured the Health Station Screens to provide companies all around the UK, with a safe zone to carry out health checks for their staff during these challenging times brought upon us by the Coronavirus. The…

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Quarantine Cage-New Design

The Quarantine Cage has been designed and manufactured to store quarantined equipment and components in a secure area. New and Improved. Our Design team have recently reviewed this solution and made further improvements to the design. This new design improves…

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Furnace Trolley

The ‘Pre-Fire’ Furnace Trolley has been designed and manufactured to assist with safe and easy loading/unloading of Ceramic Turbine Blade Moulds. Acres Engineering secured another order with our client in the Aerospace sector to supply another batch of the trolleys.…

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Acres Tool Chest

The Acres Tool chest has been Designed, Manufactured and Powder Coated in house.

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Cooling Cabinet

The Cooling Cabinet; Designed and Manufactured by Acres for the Power Generation sector. Intended to slow down the process of cooling engine fan blades, preventing the fracturing that can occur to the blades if cooled too quickly. The cabinet is…

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C Class Trolley

C Class Trolley The C Class Trolley has been redesigned and manufactured for a Midlands based Aerospace OEM to hold euro boxes in conjunction with existing media. The framework has been manufactured from 25 x 25 steel box section and 40…

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Mould Storage Trolley

Mould Storage Trolley The Mould Storage Trolley has been designed and manufactured for a Midlands based Aerospace OEM to transport moulds whilst minimising vibrations. The framework has been manufactured from thin 25 x 25 steel box section. The surface is fitted with a…

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Fixed Back Creeper Trolley

Fixed Back Creeper Trolley The Fixed Back Creeper Trolley has been designed for a client that repairs and maintains equipment to ensure services are conducted in an optimal sitting position. The framework, formed from two types of thin square box…

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Baggage Trolley

Baggage Trolley The Baggage Trolley has been designed and manufactured for a major London airport to securely store and transport passengers’ bags. The framework has been manufactured from 25 x 25 steel box section to provide a strong, lightweight structure. …

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Lathe Fixture Racking Trolley

Lathe Fixture Racking Trolley The Lathe Fixture Racking Trolley has been designed and manufactured for a subsidiary of a leading aerospace company to allow easy transport and storage of billets or tooling. This is a universal trolley which an be adapted for numerous…

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We have capacity!

In this time of uncertainty, Acres Engineering can offer our support. We are able to adapt our production line to manufacture separation screens, health stations, access products such as hands-free door openers as well as other essential medical equipment including trolleys and beds.

We are already Manufacturing Production Support Equipment to help our UK clients ramp up their Manufacturing and we want to go the extra mile.

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