Burner Stillage


Burner Stillage

This stillage was designed and fabricated by Acres engineering for the manufacturing and assembly processes involved in constructing a “burner” unit for one of our clients.

While the design is relatively simple it had to take into consideration the points of access required during the assembly process while also allowing for easy lifting and moving of the unit once it was completed. The burner weighs around 1.2 tonnes when fully assembled meaning that the design had to be simulated through FEA analysis prior to fabrication to ensure that the final unit could withstand the full loading without issue.

The fabrication has been carried out accurately and carefully as the burner will be lowered onto mounting points on the stillage, if these were out of place the unit would not fit potentially leading to damage for both the stillage and the burner.

Due to the stillages requirement for manoeuvrability, the Stillage has been fitted with 6 swivel brake castors to ensure it could easily transport the fully constructed burner.

The framework has been fabricated from 80 x 80 box section with 5mm laser cuts for the gussets and end caps.

The final unit has been powder coated to provide a long-lasting, hardwearing finish. It has also been load tested in house.




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