P26 Bulkhead Stillage



Our client in the automotive industry, had a very specific requirement. To design a stillage that can protect and safely transport painted car body panels from the paint shop to the warehouse, using their internal transport system. This stillage was required for the Bulkhead of the company’s latest supercar. The stillage must be robust and have paint protection features, to protect the paint during transport and storage within the warehouse. The design must also be ergonomic and suitable to present the painted panels on the manufacturing line, whilst providing clear access for the operators to safely remove each panel from the stillage at the point of fit.


Acres must ensure that this product is suitable for the application required, is durable with a long-life span and the taking up as minimal floor space whilst not compromising protection to the painted panel. This project was for a long-term client of Acres, therefore we establish standardised features that we know are essential for this customer. Standardized features such as a drop-down handle to reduce footprint, standard colour, ELS wheels with directional lock at front and SWB at back were incorporated. A metal display plate was included on the front of the stillages for displaying production details and ease of identification.


Here at Acres, we focus on developing a long-lasting relationship with our clients, focusing on factors such as standardisation and understanding their processes. We are experts at designing and manufacturing paint protection stillages for a variety of industries. If you have any enquiries, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Project REF: AD-1796-2020-07-1 / 10337-P1




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