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Radiator Cover Stillage

The production and supply of a Radiator Cover Stillage manufactured by Acres holds many capabilities in a variety of industries. The Stillage can be manufactured from a 40 x 40 mild steel box section, with additional pallet feet. An advantage…

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Baggage Trolley

Baggage Trolley The Baggage Trolley has been designed and manufactured for a major London airport to securely store and transport passengers’ bags. The framework has been manufactured from 25 x 25 steel box section to provide a strong, lightweight structure. …

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BP49 Wardrobe

BP49 Wardrobe – REF 2017-04-13552 The BP49 Wardrobe has been designed and manufactured for a Midlands based aerospace company to fit un packaged items from the BP49 engine kit. This solution was required to maximise the use of space and reduce…

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Pallet Docking Frames

Pallet Docking Frames – REF 2016-12-13200 The Pallet Docking Frames have been designed for a Acres client. The client, a west midlands based Automotive OEM required docking frames which are used in conjunction with existing standard euro pallet dollies. The pallet…

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04 HP Case Pallet

04 HP Case Pallet – REF 2017-05-13636 The 04 HP Case Pallet has been designed and manufactured for a Midlands based aerospace company to carry engine cases. The base frame of the pallets have been fabricated from 50mm x 50mm PE300 plastic extruded…

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NDT Line Plastic Tank

NDT Line Plastic Tank – REF 2016-10-13023 The NDT Line Plastic Tank has been designed and manufactured for a local Aerospace OEM for use within the NDT department to hold a water based emulsifier. The tank has been manufactured from PE 300 sheet, which has…

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Base Drawer Unit

Base Drawer Unit – REF 2016-09-12946 The base drawer unit have been designed and manufactured for a midlands based Aerospace OEM for use on their site in Germany. The units are used during the kitting and build stages of gas turbine engines.…

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Large Tube Box (Anaconda Case)

The Large Tube Box (Anaconda Case) has been designed for a international Aerospace OEM for use on their site in Germany. The role of the Large Tube Box (Anaconda Case) is to eliminate all cardboard packaging before parts are sent to the build…

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Engine Spacer Rack

The engine spacer rack has been designed for a midlands based Aerospace OEM for use within the engine build area. This solution is a development of the existing racks used for a different engine currently on site, previously designed and manufactured by Acres. The…

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Vane Transport Box

The Vane Transport Boxes have been designed and manufactured for an aerospace client and will transport gas turbine engine vanes between two of the customers UK sites. The client required a solution that could remove the need to use wooden packaging, reducing the chances…

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