Carton Sizing Table



Our clients automated conveyor system would reject boxes that did not meet the size or weight requirements. Our client required a quick and easy method of measuring if a box with under or over sized for the system.



A visual checking device that can be utilised to understand if the conveyor had rejected the box based on under or over size constraints with a 2mm tolerance on size limitation.

Within an operational area boxes are to adhere to minimal size requirements of 300x250x120mm (LxWxH) by way of guide bars and table markings and a maximum size of 810 x510x500mm (LxWxH) as a maximum internal frame size.

Acres designed and delivered a solution consisting of a free standing table, constructed of hollow structural steel and enclosed with 2mm sheet steel to the front, base and rear.

The structural frame would raise the sizing unit to an operating height to allow ease of use, while allowing for the free access to the loading area of the table and providing side supports which would provide additional visual assistance as a sizing guide.

Finished in a durable powder coated finish, the free standing sizing unit would be accompanied with a set of stickers identifying max/min sizes for the rear upstanding panel, as well as table identification and external signage to advise as to carton requirements.

This solution could also be used to help minimise problems when loading. Every conveyor system has constraints whether that is functionality or size. If our client was experiencing difficulties when boxes were loaded onto a conveyor this solution would also help to eliminate the problem . It is easy for an operator to accidentally load on an item that is slightly too big and cause a processing issue. This can result in costly line stops. This solution could also help to solve this problem.

If you are having challenging when loading your conveyor system, verifying rejected items or general conveyor accessories, please get in touch.


Project REF: AD-1900-2021-02-2 / 10669-P2


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