New Acres, Free Lunch Offer

6th July 2022


The cost of living is becoming increasingly difficult for everyone in the UK. Acres Engineering are supporting their employees by supplying free lunches throughout the week. They will be serving hot jacket potatoes with cheese and beans. Whilst saving employees from the current struggles of the economic climate, employees also feel appreciated.

Acres Engineering partnered with Heaths Farm Shop to dispatch locally grown potatoes. Heaths Farm, based in Melbourne will be delivering fresh food to the facility every week. Acres believed it was important to buy locally to reduce the impact of greenhouse gas emissions. Contributing to improving our carbon footprint and supporting our local economy.

The great deal of effort our employees have put into the business has helped continue to deliver solutions to our clients at times when the industry needs it most.

Our Managing Director, Luke Parker said to the Press;

‘It is no secret that the current economic climate is a challenge for a lot of people. Acres is performing very strongly, despite these global challenges but that is only made possible by the hard work of our talented team.’

‘We’re a family business at heart. So we wanted to do what we can to support them and when we can do that by partnering with a local supplier, so much the better.’


The new lunch offer is also available for clients and visitors on site. Major Bruce Spencer, the East Midlands Reserve Forces and Cadets Association regional employer and engagement director visited the manufacturing facility this week. Welcomed with a jacket potato and coffee to enjoy during their meeting. He was an excellent guest who gave us insight to personal, historic memories. We can not wait for future contact!

Acres Engineering lunch

Acres HR Manager, Alice Parker also spoke out and said;

‘We appreciate that the cost of living increases are hurting everybody and we really want to help our employees in any way that we can. This is one of the ways that we do things differently and demonstrates just how much we care about the employees that work for Acres.’

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