International Women in Engineering Day

23rd June 2022


International Women in Engineering Day is to celebrate the career opportunities available to women in the industry and praise the amazing work done by female engineers.

Dating back to 2014, The Women’s Engineering Society (WES) launched the day in the UK, to celebrate their 95th anniversary. The 23rd of June was marked to celebrate the day and has grown enormously since; so much so that it received a UNESCO patronage in 2016- moral support to an activity or event and doesn’t involve a financial contribution. In 2017, Women in Engineering Day turned international.

The Women’s Engineering Society offers inspiration, support and professional development. The charity works with partnerships to help women achieve as engineers, technologists or scientists as leaders; they encourage education and support companies with gender diversity and inclusion.

International Women in Engineering Day (INWED) is an awareness campaign to inspire young women to take up careers in engineering. The 2022 theme is “Inventors and Innovators” to seek those who could change the industry for the better.

Acres always strive to steer the future for the industry. Our blog “Engineering careers for the next generation” aims to aspire women and young people thinking about engineering careers.


International Women in Engineering Day 2022 International Women in Engineering Day 2022

So what did we do?      

The Acres team showcased their support to International Women In Engineering Day on social media using the selfie-cards available to download on the INWED22 website. The hashtag to use for this years theme was #IMAGINETHEFUTURE.

We had our very own in-house Quality Specialist help us cut and stick the cards to foam. You can’t say we didn’t get creative!

We can’t wait to see everybody’s post uploads! 🙂


International Women in Engineering Day 2022


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