Capturing Melbourne’s Iconic Architecture Through Silhouette

15th September 2023


Earlier last month, Acres Engineering worked with Melbourne Assembly Rooms, for a very unique CSR project.

Andy Heafield, the Manager of the Assembly Rooms, discussed their interest in enhancing the notice board outside the vibrant community venue. Acres’ Managing Director, Luke Parker, offered to donate an additional (free of charge) solution to rejuvenate the existing board.

After talks, the Design Team started working on the designs to modernise the existing board. The silhouette design incorporates the iconic Melbourne landmarks including The Parish Church, the Market Place Shelter and the Assembly Rooms.

In addition to this, a similar notice board was also manufactured to be located on the same grounds. This allows the Assembly Rooms coordinators to display a variety of posters at once.

Acres' Engineer Liam, fitting the Melbourne Assembly Rooms notice board

Why did we do this?

Partnering with Melbourne Assembly Rooms on this exciting project has been a triumph of creativity and dedication. As a leading player in the engineering industry, we recognize our responsibility to contribute positively to society and the environment. We continuously support the Armed Forces and community through CSR projects, we’ve previously donated “engineered steel landmarks” to Melbourne Carnival.

Luke said,

“It’s been an absolute pleasure to donate a community information board to the Melbourne Assembly Rooms. Melbourne is a vibrant village with its community at the very heart of it. We are a very forward thinking and modern business but we have a family core so we are always keen to help on initiatives that help to create and sustain thriving communities. A notice board is a central point of valuable information in any village so we’re delighted to create this one on our doorstep.”

Andy Heafield followed up with,

“Luke approached me in the queue at Birds one morning (where else?) He said if we ever had a project, they could help with to get in touch. Immediately I thought of something that would stand out, be use to us with the added benefit of being very unique. I think Acres have done exactly that and we are so grateful for their support.”

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