National Fruit at Work Day

7th October 2022


Acres Engineering recognised National Fruit at Work Day as a great way to bring healthy snacks to employees’ diets to help improve their mental well-being. Placing an order with Heath’s Farm Shop for a variety of ripe and ready-to-eat fruit for employees to choose from.

Melbourne-based, Heaths Farm Shop and Nursery, is dedicated to growing high-quality produce. Acres Engineering continually purchases from local businesses to improve the communities economy.

Fruit has a higher nutritional value than sugary snacks and is considered to supply various vitamins that are essential to the body. Known to be high in fibre, it is a great kickstart food and keeps you feeling energized for longer.

Managers at Acres acknowledge the inflation of prices and do everything they can to support their employees. We see the importance of giving back by offering free lunches and fruit at work.

The delivery of the fruit was welcomed by employees, happy to choose from a range of their favourite fruits. Everyone agreed it was a great idea to implement and were grateful to see how much Acres Engineering supports their health and well-being.

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