Onsite Network Refresh at Acres Engineering

2nd June 2023


Here at Acres Engineering, we understand the importance of having the right neighbours, especially when it comes to cyber security! Luckily we’re partnered with IT and telecoms provider, Invictus Technology Group who are based less than a mile away.

Cyber Essentials is a prerequisite for many of our clients who want to ensure that their suppliers are doing everything within their power to reduce the risk of disruption. The importance of ICT systems and processes has never been so important. Acres investment in the right ICT systems and processes helps us to ensure treatability and security of client / product data.

Based in the heart of Melbourne, Invictus Group is one of many local businesses we support. Supporting neighbouring businesses contributes to the local economy, it also reduces our carbon footprint and cost.

Outsourcing our IT services to Invictus enable us to focus on what we do best, creating innovative engineered solutions.

Invictus onsite network refresh Invictus onsite network refresh

IT Director Mark, commented: “Invictus were onsite to refresh the network. Replacing the existing WIFI network and expanding it to provide coverage in all buildings within the business for guests and internal staff. This alongside the recently installed 1GB Internet connection provided by Invictus allows the business to operate without any internet or WIFI issues.”

Why not check out the series of Workstations we’ve manufactured, including Workbenches that could be easily utilised as computer stands or mounts?

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