RSN Exhibit 2022

8th July 2022


Acres Engineering once again exhibited at the RSN event at the excellent Derby Arena.

Essential to the railway calendar, Acres representatives enjoyed their time bringing people from the industry to the stand. The Rolling Stock Networking Exhibit is a full-scale international rail event. Acres received a great turn out from connecting with interesting businesses and potential customers.

Interacting with other businesses around the exhibition has great value for us as we can increase our brand awareness. It was important for the representatives to also communicate with people for us to gain more industry knowledge.


RSN exhibition 2022 RSN Exhibition 2022

The exhibition was a great opportunity for us to highlight our new light-weight trestle design. We had a physical display to attract new customers. This enabled us to advocate for the Strong-Hold Trestle highlighting its versatility across multiple industries..

Moreover, we brought along the Virtual Welder. The engagement we received from people passing our stand was brilliant. The equipment brought across intrigued guests who found themselves entertained by the feature. It was also a great conversation piece that led to handing out leaflets and business cards.

RSN Exhibition 2022

The stand had a great number of visitors including the Mayor of Derby. It was fantastic seeing him support local businesses at the event.

It was also nice connecting with clients we’ve worked with before and sharing business updates with one and another. Long-lasting sustainable client relationships are apart of Acres key motives. Exhibiting and attending events is a way for our business to show and tell about the bespoke solutions we manufacture for customer needs. The events are a great way of finding people who could be looking for products to help with their equipment transportation or storage. As a business we’re proud to stand out against the rest of the industries engineers and manufactures. We were delighted to meet with Hoppecke, one client we’ve worked with before. Acres value the relationship we’ve had with Hoppecke for over 15 years, shipping for them worldwide.

RSN Exhibition 2022


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