Safety Stair Panels Donated to Local School

12th July 2021


When Managing Director Luke Parker heard that a local school required a safety improvement to their entrance steps he immediately volunteered Acres Engineering to solve the problem.

The entrance steps had two missing stanchions which could allow a small child to pass through. Due to the age and type of handrail it would have been challenging to weld new stanchions in place. Acres talented design team came up with a permanent solution that emphasised the school branding, introduced some colour whilst also solving the safety risk and didn’t involve onsite welding.


The handrail was laser cut, powder coated and installed by Acres manufacturing team and the finished result was praised by students, parents and staff alike.


We have a proven history of helping to improve health and safety in some of the worlds leading manufacturers. Improving health and safety is an enjoyable element of our offering, knowing that we have reduced the risk of potential injuries.


Acres is committed to corporate social responsibility and stem projects within the local community. We aim to have a positive and active relationship with our local community.

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