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6th June 2023


We don’t operate out of Hogwarts but our designers are continually and consistently producing some real design magic.

It’s not easy to design solutions that solve engineering and manufacturing problems which is why our clients turn to us.

Our clients benefit from the Acres ‘team approach’ – combining this with our systems, processes and forward-thinking designers we have a successful mechanism to output winning designs at speed.

At the beginning of each day, our in-house designers meet with the Production Manager for their daily huddle focusing on any design challenges or critical daily priorities. This daily huddle embraces the power of the team to ensure each design had maximum input from different design perspectives. The huddle also improves communication, productivity and allows other ideas/ suggestions to be bounced amongst the team.

Design Meeting

Whether the team are creating 2D, 3D or rendered drawings, SolidWorks (a computer-aided design and engineering application) enables them to apply their extensive knowledge of DfMA to every bespoke design.

What is DfMA?

Short for Design for Manufacture and Assembly, DfMA is the approach of designing a concept that is manufacturable. Focused on reducing time and production costs by managing the ease of manufacture and assembly.

Do you have any design requirements? If so, please send in an enquiry for our creatives to review! Contact Us today to speak with our team.

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