COVID-19 Safe Distancing Solutions – Let’s get the UK Economy working!

Acres are your solutions provider for standard and custom safe distancing equipment for minimising the risks of COVID-19.

If you are looking for workplace partitions, office environment divider screens, vehicle safety separators and ANTI-Covid-19 access products such as foot operated door handles.

Allowing companies to demonstrate safety first and protect their workforce.


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Health Station

Protect your staff and reduce the risk of spreading infection. The Health Station allows personnel to be safely screened as they arrive to work. Ideal for manufacturing facilities, production sites, distribution centres.

Hands-Free Door Opener

Avoid picking up infections from handles with these hands-free door openers.

With two options (foot-operated and arm operated) this solution is a simple yet effective addition to any door for any company.

In the current climate every step should be taken to ensure possible transfer of Covid-19 is minimised. These are a simple, low cost solution, perfect for schools, shops, restaurants, offices as well and industrial facilities.

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Driver Shield

The Driver Shield is a bespoke item, that is designed and manufactured to fit the vehicle. From vans to trains, the shield provides a protective barrier between driver and passenger(s). This is the perfect solution for Currier drivers, delivery personnel, freight forwarders.

Separation Screens

Standard and custom screens available. Designed to suit requirements and environment, the separation screens can be placed in offices, manufacturing spaces and public facing areas (waiting areas etc). Keep employees protected from risk of infection and comply with social distancing during work tasks.

Fever Screening Camera

The Handheld Fever Screening Camera provides a safe method of measuring employee temperatures before entering site, catching any sign of infection early and help to reduce spread of infection.

Sanitiser Dispenser Stand

The Sanitiser Dispenser Stand has been designed and manufactured for workplaces requiring easy access to hand sanitiser from both inside and outside of buildings. Placed next to entrances to effectively remove germs from hands before making contact with doors, this reduces the chance of spreading any infections that may be present.

Temperature Station- Automatic Checking- Fast Deployment Option

Thermal cameras with high temperature accuracy can help detect elevated body temperatures which may indicate the presence of a fever. They can be used for the fever screening of travellers, shoppers, and office workers.

Mask Clip

The Mask Clip is a simple yet effective solution that reduces the discomfort for our frontline workers as they wear the PPE all day.

Bar Top Divider

A set of bar top dividers in 2 designs.Developed to provide bars and restaurants with a physical protective barrier that prevents contamination of surfaces, and spread of infection. Put in place for when bars begin to re-open.

Screens can be supplied with or without steel reinforcement.

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