Acres to the rescue after vandalism at local sports facility

21st September 2021


The MSP is the home of sport in Melbourne and is home to Melbourne Tow Cricket Club, Tennis Club, Rugby FC and Dynamo FC but also provided great fitness and wellbeing facilities for the village.


On hearing that vandals had destroyed a picnic bench used by families and social groups Acres stepped in to offer a free of charge replacement bench.

MSP Bench 2    MSP Bench 4


We’re very happy that the staff and users of the MSP are happy with their new bench and we’re hoping that the new replacement bench that we designed and manufactured at our facility in Melbourne will not be treated in the same way as the previous bench.


The donated replacement picnic bench was made from robust steel box section cut on a tube laser cutting machine that Acres have recently invested in. Acres added some customised laser cut panels at the end of the bench with the MSP’s logo profiled into them. The bench was then powder coated at Acres in house powder coating cell and assembled prior to delivery. Thanks to members of the Acres team involved in this CSR project.


Acres is committed to corporate social responsibility (CSR). We aim to have a positive and active relationship with our local community.


To find out more about the MSP visit their website here:

To see more of Acres CRS projects visit our CSR page:




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