Anzen Engineering targets US markets with new headquarters

4th September 2023


Anzen Engineering, a European aerospace engineering company, has officially launched a new Washington, DC-based headquarters with the goal of securing more US military and civilian contracting opportunities for the Spanish-based firm.

The creation of the new US-based headquarters adds to the company’s current roster of international offices in Switzerland and the United Arab Emirates (UAE), all coordinated from Anzen Engineering’s main corporate headquarters in Madrid, Spain. The new US headquarters will be the base of operations for the company’s new Anzen Engineering USA subsidiary, CEO Pablo de la Cruz Greciet said.

“Our new US subsidiary will enable us to provide … clients with local support when needed, participate in US government contracts, and avoid restrictions linked with export controls and others,” Greciet told Janes in a 29 August email. The US subsidiary will be “fully owned by the Spanish parent company” compared with Anzen’s European holdings in Spain and Switzerland, which are “100% privately owned by … European citizens”, he said. He did not comment on how ownership is structured for the company’s business in the UAE.

That said, the company’s move into the US is driven primarily by its ongoing strategy to grow its defence portfolio – primarily within the US Department of Defense (DoD). An estimated 30% of the company’s global business is derived from contracts with US-based defence companies, according to Greciet.

The majority of this US-based business is focused on providing subcontractor support for engineering services, specifically geared towards addressing identified system safety and reliability gaps based on Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) regulations.

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Source: Janes

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