Helixx introduces its foremost demonstration vehicle.

20th October 2023


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Helixx, a technology firm with a global presence headquartered in the UK, has unveiled its inaugural demonstration vehicle, offering a glimpse into the company’s design philosophy and the effectiveness of the Helixx production process.

The demonstration vehicle offers a sneak peek at the upcoming Helixx commercial delivery van. Sporting a modern, boxy design, the Helixx delivery van prioritises straightforward assembly and maximised interior cargo capacity. It’s a thoughtful solution that caters to the requirements of manufacturers and fleet operators alike. In 2024, this delivery van will be joined by a construction-focused pickup truck, as well as open-body and closed-body passenger vehicles designed for ride-hailing fleets.

In an effort to streamline complexity, the body system has been structured around a defined set of principles, allowing for replication in Helixx mobility hubs, while still offering the flexibility to accommodate custom designs and localized branding for white-label customers. This body system consists of just five essential structural elements that effortlessly interlock, reducing manufacturing expenses and yielding a resilient and exceptionally durable vehicle.

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Source: Zenoot

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