2012-07-9410 – CB34355 – Cooling Cabinet


Manufacture Cooling Cabinet complete with all pneumatic cylinders, door & shoot locks to drawing: CB34355 / 2011-05-8288 issD

Main Features:

1100mm x 1100mm base x 322mm high framework.

Height to the bottom of the door when open to be 1900mm.

Working height from floor level to be 770mm (same height as furnace chill plate) allowing for the waste skip to fit under the hopper.

The door, back and two sides to be filled with 50mm thick ceramic insulation and the door having an inspection panel fitted with Robax toughened glass.

The door to be mounted on heavy duty drawer slides and will operated by pheumatics from a remote position. As a safety feature the door will be fitted with two pneumatically operated shoot bolts to be used when the door is in an open position. Vertical door has viewing window fitted with special heat resistant glass. All air cylinders and cylinder  monitoring switches tested with temporary air supply. Monitoring switch cables laid in trunking  ready for connection to circuits by others.

Provide  air failure device that restrains the vertical door utilising a safety seat belt (Rear centre from a Fiat Multipla).

No bar across the front legs as this prevents access of waste skip.

Document pocket on front panel as requested previously by RR.

Inside surfaces to be painted.Increased clearance between turntable and framework below by at least 20mm making total clearance at least 30mm. Maintai clearance between top of skip (570mm high) and bottom of outlet hopper (590mm high minimum).

Operation instructions and spares list provided, 2 hard copy and 1 disc.


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