5s Workstation

Drawing Number: AD-1274-2017-06


The 5s Workstation has been designed for a major international client working in the nutrition sector. The workstation will store components which will make the build line more efficient and allow the operators to find tools easily.

The unit has been manufactured from 40mm x 40mm stainless steel box section with a thin wall to provide an optimum strength vs weight solution. to allow ease of cleaning. The unit also features two working areas in which the operator can work on the components off of the build line. Alcohol wipes and blue roll holders can also be found on the unit which has been manufactured from 25mm stainless steel circular section.

The workstation has a number of shadow boards attached to it which has been requested by the customer. The shadow boards have hooks attached to it which will allow components to be stored on the workstation when not in use.

The unit has feet on the bottom to allow the units to be bolted to the floor.



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