AD-201-2013-07 – Pencil Blast Adjustable Stand


This stand will assist with production planning and resource management by allowing multi height users to operate the pencil blast machine. It will deliver health and safety benefits by giving existing users the ability to adjust and set the height specifically for them reducing the risk of back injury.

The Pencil Blast Adjustable Stand will be manufactured to the following specification:

Specified by the customer:
>Must hold the pencil blast unit.
>Manual adjustment.
>Mechanism guarded.
>Height adjustable range of 300mm (lift from 640mm to 940mm from floor to top of stand).

Specified by Acres:
>Ability to bolt down the base frame.
>Ability to ‘lock off’ in required position.

The Pencil Blast Adjustable Stand will be designed with a 40mm box section top frame, running inside a channel frame. The channel will be formed from profiled plates. The top frame will be raised and lowered inside the base frame using a scissor jack with an extended foldaway handle. The top frame can be locked in the required position.

This quotation excludes installation, but Acres Engineering are happy to provide a quotation for bolting down the base frame and assisting with mounting the Pencil Blast Machine.


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