Trak® Xchange Battery Changing Unit – PU 850 x 520

Drawing Number: AD-429-2014-04


Fork-truck Battery Changing Unit – PU 850mm x 520mm Design.

The battery changing unit shown is an example of a ‘designed and developed’, Acres product. The machine fits onto any powered pallet truck (PPT). Acres have a manufacturing partnership with Hoppecke Batteries.

The machine is powered by a hydraulic power pack which moves a carriage forwards and reverse. on the end of the carriage is a pair of powerful magnets which attach to the truck battery. The machine pulls batteries off and onto fork trucks and battery charging racks. Fork truck batteries can weigh up to 2.25 Tonnes.

This machine has been developed for batteries between 850mm x 520mm. The PU has been powder coat finished in Hoppecke Green.

Hoppecke Belgium

Additional Features:
– 3 x proximity switch and reflector.
– Interlocking battery catch.
– Gate with sensor.
– External contact relay to connect to the PPT.
– System status indicators.
– Laser pointer.
– PSL code switch.
– Colour: RAL 6029 Green

Acres Reference – 2014-01-10494 


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