Bespoke Kitting Trolleys

Drawing Number: AD-469-2014-06


Bespoke Kitting Trolleys – Job REF 7931

This bespoke kitting trolleys solution transports components in a non-metal to metal environment keeping them secure during transportation. The layout of the trolley allows flexible kitting across a number of product groups.

The Bespoke Kitting Trolley is designed and manufactured with 30 x 30 angle with a formed up 2mm sheet for holding the foams in place. The trolley also has a 25mm Circular handle. Sat in the trays are 3 off 40mm thick LD45 plastazote foams which has been manufactured with cut outs to securely hold wax patterns. Each trolley contains 3 foams to store a total of 54 wax patterns.

The trolley is assembled with 4 off 160mm castors with blue elastic tyres and black plastic centres, 2 off swivel with brakes and 2 off fixed.

The trolley has been powder coat finished in RAL 2004 Orange to give a hard wearing durable finish.

Approximate overall size- 1170mm (H) x 1280mm (L) x 650mm (W).

Acres Reference – AD-469-2014-06

Quantity: 10 off trolleys.


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