Cable Drum De-reeler Trolley

Drawing Number: AD-564-2014-10-1


Cable Drum De-reeler Trolley  – REF: 2014-09-11137

Scope of work:

Design and manufacture a custom tooling fixture trolley to allow drums of electrical cable to be easily de-reeled at a convenient and ergonomic height for the operator.

This product has been designed to carry up to 5 off reels of various widths and diameters in a Ferris wheel configuration. This keeps the footprint to a minimum and decreases cable changeover time.

This product is a prime example of a 5s improvement, bringing lean principles into the manufacturing environment. The product has been designed to be used when assembling wiring looms, or running cables during installations.

The drums of cable are rotated to the correct height using a manual wind gear box with a 24.3 to 1 ratio.

The base section has a removable ramp section to roll the cable reels up from floor level for loading on to the rotating wheel. This will reduce the risk of manual handling related injuries when lifting heavy reels.

This product could be used for any types of drums and can be manufactured to suit different size/ quantity of drums.

Approximate overall size – 1500mm (L) x 800mm (W) 1700mm max height.

Acres Number: AD-564-2014-10-1


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