Display Podium Prototype

Drawing Number: AD-854-2016-01


Display Podium Prototype for build line.

The display podium has been designed for a major international aerospace client. The stand is used to store and display information relevant to the build line such as job details and health & safety information.

Scope of work:

Create a build line display podium to Acres drawing number: AD-854-2016-01.

The frame is produced from 25mm x 25mm x 2mm square box section giving good residual strength. The sides of the unit are clad using laser cut steel.

The unit features a lower shelf made from aluminium which is capable of supporting a load of 40kg. A second aluminium shelf with four dividers houses various items used on the boards. The upright section of the stand measuring approx. 1440 x 750 holds a white board.

The stand is mounted on 4 OFF 75mm castors, 2 swivel with brakes and 2 fixed to the rear of the stand.

Acres ref: AD-854-2016-01


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