FA2 Flow Rack Stand

Drawing Number: AD-1083-2016-05


FA2 Flow Rack Stand – REF 2017-05-13707

The FA2 Flow Rack Stand has been designed for a new Acres client. The client, a west midlands based Automotive OEM required a stand which will store totes in the FA2 building at their Solihull site.

The stands are manufactured with 50 x 50 box section with a thin wall to provide an optimum strength vs weight solution. The unit also features a 34mm stopping plate at the back to stop the totes from falling off when the unit is being moved.

Each stand is capable of holding a maximum of 32 off totes (maximum 15kg each) across 16 off gravity conveyor lanes built in to the structure. The gravity lanes are installed on 4 levels x 4 lanes wide. Each of the four levels will be on a vertical pitch to suit the outfeed of the auto loaders (approximately 430mm).

flow rack stand specification:
– Capacity: 32 totes
– Number of shelves: 4
– Totes per shelf: 4×2 (double deep loaded)
– Max. tote size: 600x400x300 (LxWxH)
– Max. weight tote: 15kg
– Max emergency tote weight: 25kg
– Unique identifier barcode: 2 per trolley

The trolley has been powder coated in light grey RAL 7037 to provide a hard wearing, long lasting finish.

Approximate overall size – 1400mm (H) x 1800mm (W) x 1300mm (D)

Quantity: 4 off

Acres Reference – AD-1083-2016-05


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