Kitting Media Trolley with Removable Base

Drawing Number: AD-527-2014-08


The kitting media trolley has been manufactured for the customer to transport components to different sites. The transportation units are used in a ‘return cycle loop system’ and the design is based around the customer’s kit layout requirements. Components have been kitted into removable plastic drawers to store parts singularly in required sequence order.

The kitting media trolley has been attached to a dolly base using an over centre latch, this is so the trolley can be removed from the dolly for safer transportation. It can be wheeled (pulled using the standard drop down handle) or fork lifted (using the standard fork lift pockets). The unit’s front door can be closed and locked, the welded mesh panels prevent access to the rest of the unit.

Inside the trolley, there are plastic drawer units which can be removed and carried, each drawer fully kitted will be no more than 20kg. The transported unit has been supplied with 4 off plastic Euro boxes (800mm x 600mm) & 3 off plastic Euro boxes (600mm x 400mm).

The transportation unit has been manufactured from 30mm box section, 30mm angle and 2″ square sized welded mesh panels. The unit has been assembled with:
Standard A Frame 200mm blue rubber castors – 2 fixed, 2 swivel with brake.
Standard A Frame Drop down handle.
Standard A Frame Fork pockets (from heavy duty material)

Acres Reference:  AD-527-2014-08


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