Liquid Filtration Trolleys


Are you looking to enhance productivity by investing in a convenient solution for transporting liquids? Acres Engineering could have the right design for you. The Liquid Filtration Trolley allows operators to transport liquids such as water, chemicals or fuels.

Manufactured to filter oil, the liquid tank trolley eliminates the need for fixed pipelines or stationary containers; increasing productivity within your workplace. The design is completely accessible and user-friendly with a tubular handle for easy maneuverability. Its compact design enables the Liquid Filtration Trolleys to be stored in relatively small spaces, utilizing available floor space to its fullest potential.

Filtration Trolley

Dedicated Liquid Filtration Trolleys can also help to reduce the risk of cross-contamination, contributing to safety and quality control.


With a liquid tank trolley, it’s easier to simplify tasks, strengthen efficiency, improve capabilities and amplify output.

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Project REF: AD-2319-2023-06-1

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