PU – Dual Height – France -1250 x 650

Drawing Number: AD-1420-2018-02


PU – Dual Height – France -1250 x 650

As part of an ongoing relationship with Hoppecke Batterien, Acres regularly produce a number of bespoke fork truck battery changer units to suit customer requirements. Our product has improved incrementally over the years giving our designers and fabricators a wealth of experience to tackle almost any request.

The Acres PU – Dual Height – France -1250 x 650 machine is fixed to a PPT (Powered Pallet Truck) providing a fast and efficient mobile battery changing solution for around the clock warehouse operations.  The PU is powered by a hydraulic power pack which, in partnership with a pair of powerful magnets exchanges batteries between fork trucks and battery charging racks.

Acres are currently exporting custom machines to Germany, France, Belgium, Spain, Poland, Holland, Slovakia, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, South Africa and China as well as serving the UK.

Design Scope:

This bespoke design features a 1250mm x 650mm bed. This design also features a laser guide to assist the operator with levelling the bed and speed up the exchange process.

Hoppecke France

Battery Details:

Battery 1 = Dimensions: 1220mm (L) x 427mm (W) x 784mm (H)
Battery 2 = Dimensions: 640mm (L) x 350mm (W) x 670mm (H)
Battery 3 = Dimensions: 765mm (L) x 265mm (W) x 650mm (H)
Battery 4 = Dimensions: 830mm (L) x 325mm (W) x 630mm (H)
Battery 5 = Dimensions: 790mm (L) x 210mm (W) x 780mm (H)
Battery 6 = Dimensions: 790mm (L) x 310mm (W) x 630mm (H)

Optional Extras:

Interlocking battery catch which is extended to suit battery type.
External contact relay to connect to the PPT.
System status indicators.
Laser pointer.
Yellow label around Estop
Rear exit magnets
Key Switch
Magnet safety zone sensor
Magnet extension

All labels are in French
Colour Specification = RAL 2002 Red

PPT Details:

Type = Fenwick T18
Fork Length = 1600mm
Fork Spread = 560mm
Fork Width = 165mm
Total Lift = 120mm

Note: Acres can only set the minimum roll off
height the maximum is determined by the
lift range on the PPT, note that on some
heavy batteries the PPT may relax (yield)
by up to 13mm.

Specification of the Powered Pallet Truck is the sole responsibility of the customer Acres Engineering can only offer guidance and advice.


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