Rotating Visual Kitting Media


The Visual Kitting Media-Rotating Stand.

This universal product has been Designed and Manufactured for a number of clients in different sectors and utilised in a number of ways.

The panels allow space for internal data tracking, and the cube can also be utilised for storage.

The rotating stand holds a cubed framework with vinyl wrapped magnetic panels fitted on each side, to the layout and dimensions provided by the customer. The inside of the cube is utilised for small lightweight items and is accessed through the hinged panel door. The Cube is enclosed and has 1 compartment, the door is shut and secured on a magnet.

It is optional for the entire trolley to swivel but also just the top cube to rotate as well. The stand features 4 swivel with brake castors.

The cube section was required by our customer to be at a comfortable height, preferably around shoulder to chest.

The panels from the cubed section of the framework are vinyl wrapped and the rest of the unit is powder coated BS 20-D-45


  • Manufactured from 25 x 25 x 3mm box section.
  • Framework is made to fit around 4 magnetic panels in a cubed shape (W) 850mm x (H) 800mm in size
  • The overall height of the unit is approx 1800mm.
  • Framework is enclosed by a 2mm plate on the top and bottom.
  • 1 panel is hinged to become a door and allow access to centre storage unit
  • The base framework is the same length and width of the top unit so the unit is balanced and stable
  • The framework sits on 4 swivel with brake castor wheels
  • The panels on the upper section are vinyl wrapped with the spindle and base frame powder coated in BS 20-D-45
  • On the underside of the upper section of the framework there is a bearing unit, the bearing unit allows the upper cubed section to rotate through 360 degrees on a vertical round bar.

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