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Scanners, cameras, PA and other electrical equipment typically require some form of mounting brackets. At Acres Engineering we have designed and manufactured brackets in all shapes and sizes. Demand is now also increasing for brackets to support the utilisation of robots and co-bots within manufacturing processes.

Due to a signed NDA we cannot talk about the type of scanner this bracket was for, however this is a singular example of a scanner bracket, demonstrating the type of solution and services that we could offer to you.

Project Ref: AD-1930-2021-04-1 / 10775-P1


Scanner brackets are specialised tools used in various fields such as dental, medical imaging, and manufacturing for securing objects in place during scanning processes. Their purpose and application can vary depending on the specific context they are used in. Here are some common uses across different fields:

  1. Dental and Medical Imaging: In dental and medical imaging, scanner brackets are often used to hold and stabilise imaging plates, sensors, or film during the capture of X-rays or other imaging modalities. This ensures accurate positioning and immobilisation of the sensor relative to the anatomy being imaged, leading to clearer, more diagnostic images. For example, in dental imaging, brackets can be used to hold bite-wing or intraoral sensors in the correct position inside a patient’s mouth.
  2. Manufacturing and Engineering: In manufacturing, scanner brackets can be used to mount or hold parts in place during the scanning process with 3D scanners or other metrology instruments. These brackets ensure that the object remains stationary, allowing for precise measurement and inspection of geometries and surfaces. This is crucial for quality control, reverse engineering, and other applications where dimensional accuracy is key.
  3. Research and Development: In R&D settings, scanner brackets might be employed in experimental setups involving various scanning technologies, such as electron microscopy, where specimens need to be precisely positioned and held still during the scanning process.
  4. Security and Surveillance: In some cases, scanner brackets could also refer to mounts used for securing scanning devices like barcode readers or RFID scanners in a fixed position, for instance, at checkout counters or entry points for scanning IDs or merchandise.

Overall, the primary function of scanner brackets is to ensure that the object being scanned does not move during the scanning process, thereby improving the accuracy, reliability, and quality of the scanned images or data.

At Acres Engineering we manufacture custom brackets using the following processes:


Laser cutting:

Sheet Metal Forming:

Powder coating:


Here’s two other examples of brackets:

Torque Arm & Bracket

Dispenser Bracket


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