Tooling Fixture Drawers

Drawing Number: AD-1211-2017-01


Tooling Fixture Drawers – REF 2016-12-13223

The Tooling Fixture Drawers have been designed and manufactured for a local Aerospace OEM for storing tooling fixtures within the Production Testing Facility.

The solution features 12 off 400mm x 800mm drawers (3 rows of 4 drawers) spaced at 250mm apart. A 450mm gap between the bottom shelf and the second from bottom shelf allows for storage of larger tools. Each drawer is 100 % extension to provide full access into each drawer.

The unit has been fabricated from 40mm x 40mm square hollow box section with 3mm thick CNC formed drawers. Each drawer is inlaid with rubber to prevent damage to the tooling being stored. Each drawer features a bridge handle at the front so that the drawers can be easily opened and closed.

To the base of the unit there are 4x locating plates to secure the unit to the floor using anchor bolts.

The drawers have been powder coated to give a hard wearing durable finish. Light Grey RAL 7035 for the framework and BS 20 D 45 Blue for the drawers.

Approximate overall size – 1450mm (H) x 1500mm (W) x 900mm (D)

Quantity required –1 off

Acres Reference – AD-1211-2017-01


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