Trolleys For Wiring Harnesses

Drawing Number: AD-1225-2017-02


Trolleys For Wiring Harnesses – REF 2017-01-13296

The Trolley for Wiring Harnesses has been designed and manufactured for a west midlands based automotive client. A bespoke trolley solution was required to support the sequenced delivery of wiring harnesses to the engine assembly lines. The principle of working is a trolley to be used to put the parts in a specific sequence and deliver it to the build line.

The customer required 1 off unit as a prototype first for review before completing the order for the remaining units.

The trolley needs to hold 18 parts. Each pocket needs to be able to hold only 1 wiring harness. There are 10 different derivatives of wiring harnesses- each hole/pocket needs to be able to hold all types.

The main framework has been manufactured from 40mm box section with a thin wall to provide an optimum strength vs weight solution. To one end features a formed handrail set at 1000mm from floor level. Next to this sits a handheld scanner holder and A5 document pocket. Bag loops are held in place with 20/22mm tube with 2mm wall.

Bag Insert:
Dimensions: 1200mm x 1200mm x 600mm Bag manufactured from PVC with a tough scratch resistant acrylic coating. There will be total of 18 off pockets each 400mm x 200mm x 550mm. Loops for pole tensioning will be present on all sides. Each pocket features a label holder allowing the pocket to be labelled with a number and bar code- label dims: 100mm x 40mm.

To the front of the trolley is a 1280mm x 1280mm curtain secured at the top with 50mm wide Velcro on both sides and bottom to provide access.

To the base of the trolley are 4 off 125mm castors, 2 off are fixed, and 2 off are swivel with brake.

The unit has been powder coated to provide a hard wearing finish.

Approx Overall Dimensions: 1200mm (W) x 600mm (W) x 1500mm (H)

Acres Drawing Number: AD-1225-2017-02

Quantity required: 1 off (Prototype)


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