Acres’ Jacob talks about his Engineering Degree

6th March 2023


Jacob started his Apprenticeship at The Roundhouse, Derby College where he studied Levels 2 and 3 for three years. After completing those 3 years, he went on to study a Foundation Degree in Integrated Engineering where he achieved a Merit. However, he didn’t stop there, Jacob was then awarded the Degree: Bachelor of Manufacturing Engineering, achieving a Second Class Honours (1st Division.)

Whilst studying his apprenticeship at The Roundhouse, Jacob trained at Acres Engineering where he continues to be a valuable employee of the business today. To celebrate the start of National Careers Week, we had an interview with Jacob and asked him a series of questions.

Have you always known you wanted to study Engineering and why?

“I knew I always wanted to be a welder as my dad is an agricultural engineer 3x as skillful as me.”

“When I was younger, I used to go to work with him and he would show me how to work with my hands and how to show excellence in everything I did. I used to get bored sometimes so, he got the welder out in the workshop and let me have a go for a bit while he was busy so, I got to know what I was doing after a while.”

“Engineering is the application of science and maths to solve problems. This is another reason I wanted to be an engineer to solve problems… not necessarily big ones but, to solve a problem with a solution. Gives me great satisfaction to do this!”

What is your favourite part about Engineering?

“My favourite part about engineering as a whole is the possibility to discover new knowledge by listening to other people and applying it myself.”

“Due to my dyslexia, I prefer being a vocational learner. I learn better by being practical rather than, studying and reading what I should do.”

What made you study your Apprenticeship at Acres Engineering?

“I had a mate that was doing an Apprenticeship at Acres and he recommended them so, I emailed asking for an interview.”

“An Apprenticeship is a window of opportunity to learn and Acres Engineering looked like it would start me off on solid footing. Being specialised and bespoke, it looked like it would give me a mix of different opportunities to learn different skills.”

How did Acres Engineering support you during your Degree?

“They listened and made my problems their problems to help solve them.”

“They organised my path to success, putting me with trained staff so, I had the opportunity to learn. My interests and potential were seen and acted upon helping me become much more confident.”

“Acres Engineering organised a company called SEMTA to come in and support me with my PEO’s course work.”

What do you like about your role at Acres Engineering?

“I enjoy my role at Acres because I create something tangible and craft it carefully bit by bit.”

“There is the opportunity to be great at it! I enjoy a challenge, I will aim to be the best if I’m given the opportunity.”

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