Acres Engineering Volunteer for a Cleaner Environment

18th September 2023


Acres Engineering is committed to Corporate Social Responsibility. We aim to have a positive and active relationship with our local community, which we’ve achieved by manufacturing a park bench and donating to Melbourne Carnival.

However, we’re not stopping there!

Last Friday, a team of employees volunteered to litter-pick around Melbourne Village. With support from the South Derbyshire District Council, volunteers were equipped with resources to help them clean up the local community ready for Melbourne Festival.


Our employees split into two groups which of whom took different routes to meet at Melbourne Rugby Football Club.

Following a Friday afternoon spent litter-picking, there’s no better way to celebrate our collective effort than by securing a well-deserved drink at the local pub. The commitment from our employees to make our community cleaner not only had a positive impact on the environment but also brought us together as a team.

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