Institution Of Mechanical Engineers talks to Acres Apprentices

26th March 2024


David Curtis, the Membership Development Manager at the Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE), recently made a visit to Acres Engineering to engage with the apprentices about the advantages of becoming members of this esteemed organisation.


The Institution of Mechanical Engineers, a pivotal entity in the field of mechanical engineering since its inception in 1847, dedicates itself to fostering the growth of mechanical engineering worldwide. It does so by offering a plethora of resources such as professional development programs, publications, and opportunities for advocacy. With a comprehensive membership system that acknowledges various levels of professional achievements, including the prestigious Chartered Engineer (CEng) status, IMechE stands as a beacon for engineers seeking to elevate their careers. Its headquarters in London serves as the hub for its commitment to innovation and the shaping of engineering policies.

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During his visit, Curtis highlighted the multitude of benefits that IMechE membership confers. These benefits span from professional recognition, which can significantly enhance career trajectories and earning potential, to opportunities for continuous learning and professional development. Additionally, membership grants access to a broad network of engineering professionals, exclusive publications, and a chance to influence engineering standards and policies. It also offers global recognition, mentoring, support, and avenues for charitable activities and community involvement.

Imeche visit

Acres Engineering embraced this opportunity, understanding the value IMechE membership could bring to its team. This initiative is part of Acres’ ongoing commitment to the professional development of its staff, highlighting its belief in the power of apprenticeships and continuous learning.


For those intrigued by the prospects of joining IMechE and furthering their engineering careers, detailed information and the steps to become a member can be found on their website: IMechE Membership Information.


Moreover, Acres Engineering encourages its staff to explore various professional development avenues, including joining the British Army Reserves and becoming an On-call Firefighter, demonstrating a holistic approach to personal and professional growth.


This initiative underscores Acres’ dedication to nurturing talent and promoting a culture of continuous learning and professional advancement among its staff.



For more information on joining the British Army Reserves or becoming an On-call Firefighter, click on the links below:

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